Most days, being an entrepreneur feels like sitting in the pouring rain and hitting rocks together to try to start a fire.
As hard as it is, I LOVE trying over and over to build cool stuff. 
 I view my job as a privilege and a chance to express myself.

Small business is a rocky, humbling road and I'm grateful for all the love and support over the last decade. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has every spent a penny or 
lifted a finger supporting one of my crazy ideas. 
It is because of you that I haven't quit yet...

Past Projects

The Cobra Lounge Bellingham


The Cobra Lounge Seattle


The Cobra Lounge Tacoma







This was an awesome project I got to help out on. I was brought on to help execute a 6-week User Acquisition campaign in Panama City beach Florida. We worked alongside artists like Diplo, The Chain Smokers and B-Geezy to throw large events to promote our app. Ultimately growing the service to 1MM Downloads and 100,000 Daily Active Users before its' acquisition by Yahoo Inc.

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