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The Erin Cobb Experiment (Full Show Notes)

By Erin Cobb 15 Dec, 2017

In Episode #010 Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart, We Explore Fear of failure, the Limbic System, Limiting Beliefs, and How the Only True Barriers in life are the ones we erect ourselves.  Then we do a short, guided meditation to get out of our heads and into our hearts. It's time to accept our fears, learn what it means to live without fear and make the sound of who we really are!

By Erin Cobb 10 Nov, 2017

In Episode #009 3 Massive Life Lessons Nobody Ever Taught You, I talk about my own struggle with trying to do interesting creative work,   regretting the past and worrying about the future. I also underscore the need to Deploy Massive Patience (Macro), Micro Hustle, and Find a Way to Contribute Beyond Yourself.

By Erin Cobb 02 Nov, 2017

In Episode #008 Letting Go, Lao Tzu and The Power of Unconditional Self-Acceptance I explore the de-motivating nature of self-imposed ideals. In an effort to advance we must first lay a foundation, this power comes from accepting ourselves and choosing to work for our own fulfillment (not for the fruits of our labor). Intention > Expectation.

By Erin Cobb 27 Oct, 2017
In Episode #007 The Power of Discipline, Hip Hop and Zen Buddhism to Gaze Deep Within, we move up to the second level of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and talk about how our constant pursuit of Safety and Comfort gets in the way of achieving our higher purpose. Unadorned Suffering is the bedmate of Masculine Growth, aka: we must give up what we are in order to become what we will be. 
By Erin Cobb 19 Oct, 2017
In Episode 006 Morning Rituals - How to Wake Up Like a Champion , I detail the morning routine I use to put myself into a peak mental, physical and emotional state. The "Hour of Power" includes Practicing Breath of Fire (or Bastrika) , Filling yourself with Gratitude and Visualizing a compelling future.  Give yourself the gift of time to think, to feel, to be and to fill yourself up. Condition yourself to thrive through simply habit compounded daily, it's 100% free and you get ALL the benefit.
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